Naztech 3.5mm Headphone Jack & Charge Adapter MFI w/ Lightning Connector

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Key Features


No need to choose between charging or listening, the Naztech 3.5mm Headphone Jack & Charge Adapter MFI w/ Lightning Connector allows you to do both!


The Naztech ultra compact adapter splits the lightning connection on your phone, allowing you to enjoy music or talk hands free while charging. It features reinforced strain relief collars and a durable yet flexible jacketing for an incredible bend lifespan that can stand up to repeated plugging and unplugging. Simultaneously connect your audio device and charger to your iPhone. Get the best of both worlds, Audio + Charge.




Let One Port Do More!

With a Lightning connector on one end and a 3.5mm AUX-in port and Lightning input port on the other, you can simultaneously connect a charger and wired audio to your iPhone.


Incredibly Durable

Reinforced strain relief collars and flexible protective jacketing ensures the cable will last through repeated plugging and unplugging. For testing, this cable was bent over 10000 times and saw no damage or change in performance.



Weight 1.76 ounces
Additional Features •Headphone jack and charge adapter •High quality audio •Lightning connector •Adaptive fast charge technology •Built-in remote to control calls, playlists, and activate Siri •Portable size at 4inches length •Reinforced flexible protective cable jacketing

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