Uunique London - Ultraviolet Multifunctional Portable Sterilizer

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Key Features


Enhanced with aromatherapy, the Uunique London Ultraviolet Multifunctional Portable Sterilizer Z1 is designed to kill up to 99.99% of surface germs on your device - and more!


Sterilization at the touch of the button, the Uunique London Ultraviolet Multifunctional Portable Sterilizer Z1 offers many functions in one. Harnessing the power of the harmless ultraviolet light, it provides the highest sterilization rate of up to 99.99%.


What items can it disinfect?

Designed to effectively kill surface bacteria, it can disinfect your smartphone, jewelry, watches, AirPods, protective face masks, delicate clothes, and so much more, as long as it fits in the device.


How fast does it disinfect?

5 minutes, and it does it so with integrated broadcast technology. After you pop your object into the box, it will speak to you.


Can it disinfect disposal protection masks?

Yes, the sterilizer will not damage the delicate structure of the mask, it will in fact retain its effectiveness and prolonge its life & usage.


How does the language broadcast work?

A voice announcement will indicate the sterilization process from beginning to end. This is great if you are busy multi-tasking; it will conveniently announce the steps to keep your posted until the process is complete.



Yes, it does this, too. Just use a few drops of essential or antibacterial oil to add a pleasant fragrance to the sterilization.



Inner size: 180 x 100 x 30 mm (can hold up to a 7” smartphone)

Item size: 225 x 123 x 50 mm


How to charge it?

To power this device, just plug it in via the external USB A port, so it can start working its UV magic. It can be charged via USB port on your computer, portable power bank, or USB charger.






Weight 16.36 ounces
Additional Features
  • Portable Sterilizer
  • Kills up to 99.9% of surface bacteria
  • Uses ultraviolet light to disinfect
  • Disinfects in 5 minutes
  • Can disinfect various types of items
  • Integrated language broadcast
  • Enhanced with aromatherapy

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