Renogy DCC50S 12V 50A DC-DC On-Board Battery Charger with MPPT

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Key Features


Renogy's DC to DC MPPT Charger is designed to give you options!



The Renogy DC to DC MPPT multi-stage, multi-input battery charger can charge a secondary battery from an alternator connected to a primary battery or by utilizing solar panels connected directly to the unit. While your vehicle's alternator prioritizes your primary battery, this unit will allow your solar system to put your secondary battery first! It's the smart way to keep yourself fully charged and off-grid longer! And with multi-stage charging and multi-chemistry functionality, Renogy's DC to DC MPPT Charger has you covered whether you're using Flooded, Gel, AGM, or Lithium batteries.



Weight 84.61 ounces
Additional Features
  • Multi-Chemistry Battery Types (Flooded, Gel, AGM, and Lithium ) MPPT Solar Charging
  • Smart Protection Features (Battery Isolation, Over-Voltage Safety, Overheat Protection, and Reverse Polarity Protection)
  • 3-phase Charging (Bulk, Boost, and Float), Built tough for all conditions
  • Able to charge an auxiliary battery to 100% state of charge, Increases run time o
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